SelvaBio London

About Us

SelvaBio Ltd. is a local company based in London.

We work directly with South American farmers who specialise in cultivating their products with the highest organic standards involving tradition, culture and quality. SelvaBio aims to establish and expand a relationship that crosses the Atlantic. We are a company that places its heart in London and its lungs in South America. Our goal is to grow as a global brand recognised by its high-quality products and its environmentalism.

“Selva in Spanish means Forest. And bio is an abbreviation of biodegradable. When I first funded this company, I had two things in mind: health and environmentalism. Today, that’s the cement of my business. They make up for what SelvaBio stands for, its goals and its ambition. To be eco-environmental. 

We start this year with new goals and new ambitions. Introducing our [latest products] we are proud to be expanding our inventory and establishing strong relationships with our business partners.

Ever since starting my own journey for a betterment in my health I know that where our products come from matter so much. We value, and put at the forefront of our values, authentic products that meet the highest organic standards involving tradition, culture and quality.

Selva Biodegradable. Sostenible. Responsable. Ambiental.”

    - Richard Cuintaco, Founder and Director/CEO -

Our commitment

SelvaBio finds itself compromised with the development and sustainability of our farming regions in South America.

Working closely with our campesino farmers we follow organic principles that submit to socio-environmental and socio-economic responsibilities.

To maintain a fair, friendly and forward relationship with our South American partners and farmers, we sustain a strong relationship with our local campesino farmers in South America so they get a fair price for their crops, helping local farming families and allowing traditional farming and harvesting to continue, giving us the best in organic quality. They work continuously in delivering the best products our South American lands have to offer. And so, we continue to keep fair trade at the core of our values.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Working with farmers (Campesinos)

We use the word ‘campesino’ because we believe it has sacred connotations. In South America, a farmer isn’t just an ordinary person. A farmer is the land itself, the trees, the rivers, the soil. A farmer is the bridge to the nature we’ve distanced ourselves so much with. A farmer should be loved and appreciated and so the land will feel this too.

We thrive to maintain this environmentally friendly approach to the development of our products and wholly support reducing, reusing and recycling and wholeheartedly encourage our partners, friends and consumers to recycle all packaging attributed by SelvaBio Ltd.

We aim to expand our own identity as a brand, bringing awareness to original superfood products that can only be the right step forward in our path towards a healthier life as well as the path of environmentalism.